Hello, is anyone here?

Almost died this week. Glad it zoomed past, just kind of dread training tmr and cip on sunday. I don’t mind training, it’s just the waking up cos the alarm rang thing has gotta take a break during the weekends. Hate it when i have things to do on sunday. I mean, sunday is the day when i do what i want, be it rotting at home(usually so, but i kind of like it haha) or going out doing misc stuff like going to giant with my father and brother sometimes. Anyway, the latter is something i haven’t done in ages. I think the last time i went was before school reopened for a particular school holiday and i dunno why either. It’s quite amusing to think that the guys in the family are usually the ones who do the grocery shopping. It’s like, not succumbing to stereotypes. Oh yeah, i don’t mind it at all. πŸ˜€

This week was draining. Burning the midnight oil consecutively for a few days totally sucks! Haha just a confession, i never burnt midnight oil on school days unless there’s a super major brain killing exam the next day (eg, bio) or unless it’s a study break and i get all panicky and mug all day (and night). So… sleeping beyond 12mn is beyond me and something i have yet to master. I can forsee much more practices in the future though. Jiayou steph!

Oh yeah, the first aid training was quite interesting. Would have been better if the weather wasn’t so suffocating and i wasn’t so sleepy throughout the whole thing and only be sober during the parts where a gory photo is shown. Nonetheless, i think it’s a pretty useful thing, and i realised there’s so much i dunno, so much that i thought was right is wrong. Refreshments were provided too hahahaha. πŸ˜€

Next time, i shall earn it with my own ability. Not like this. It’s just so unsettling.


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