even when we close our eyes

Totally slacked this holiday away. Not like very happy today, quite a failed class outing. I thought there was going to be alot of people cos the online conversation had quite alot of participants. Oh well oh well, i suppose it’s better than being stuck at home. I think after season aka tmr, i shall really start to work hard already. Gogogo! Starting to love the quotes on my blog now. Fullmetal Alchemist! 😀 Apparently jillian watched it too! Uh but past tense la.

I really love the plot and the things that the story conveys. Friendship, brotherhood, love, losses etc. It’s probably things i’ll never think of when i’m like on the bus thinking about life or something. Especially the thing about losing things/people in your life and you can never get them back, and trying so hard to chase after your dream, not giving up because of others. There’s so much uncertainty in what they do, they can’t be assured of an ending, and the choices they make may not be right. What they want may never even be possible. But they never stop trying. It’s kind of sad when you think about it, yet it’s a beautiful spirit by itself.


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