Suddenly my life seems so screwed up. Yes i know nothing is smooth sailing and i am aware of what i’m facing. But i think i have some escapism behaviour by procrastinating when everything piles up and look like it will drown me when it falls down. Procrastinating especially when the workload is reaching a critical point. Maybe the worst is yet to be. Maybe this is only the beginning. This is so depressing. And it doesn’t help that they split up the tests and scattered them everywhere. It’s like you get another panic attack after recovering from one not too long ago rather than just giving you one super panic attack. Ya, i have been taking tests and exams for who-knows-how-many-times, but some things just never go away. It definitely doesn’t help when i start thinking why am i working so hard, who are these results for etc. All this just makes me feel even more lost. Ughhhhhhh. Need some motivator somewhere, and it doesn’t help to know people leeching on people and people letting people leech on them. HAHA there’s this cartoon image that popped into my head, rather amusing haha. Anyway, perhaps things are not what i perceive them to be. I guess i should just shut up and work till 10pm(for my tv show~).


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