I’m feeling old but i am young!

1) Sprained/strained/twisted a muscle in my neck. That happened to chihyun and micole weeks ago, why me this time! Now i know how it feels like. It’s like constantly aching and it’s like no amount of massage will cure it. But massage does help hehe. -hint hint-

2) Throbbing headache since brainstorming for a day ytd for GP. Look at how much i sacrifice for GP! Yet i don’t reap what i sow. Oh man, i just hope i pass this essay. I don’t have a good feeling about it la – which means it’s pretty much screwed – but miracles happen! Please let one happen this year. Anyway i was too lazy to find panadol and get water and attempt to swallow the pill in whole… so yeah hahaha. -hint hint: get me some panadol and dissolve it in water! haha jk~-

3) Sore and a mysteriously itching throat that makes me want to cough almost all the time. The sore throat is getting better, but the itchy feeling is still there. My mum brewed some herbal thingy hehe, it’s super bitter, but yeah, i guess it works best. Tested and proven before haha. 🙂 The bitterness probably just makes the germs want to surrender too.

4) Stress(ok la, i think still can cope for now, but i can feeling my shoulders and feet getting heavier already)! Something that young(er) people will not experience. Sometimes when i see/hear those pre-teens or ppl who just stepped into teenage-hood whine and complain about their life… it’s just irritating la. I mean, when i was your age, what was there to complain about! I can somewhat relate to those sec 4 ppl who aim high and study alot cos there is so much more at stake, but i can’t do the same for those younger ones. I wonder if this is already the worst it can get for me. Deep down, i know it’s not. Brace yourself!

It has been quite a productive day today i guess. At least i edited some parts of my pi, did some maths in school wheee less hw. But there’s still a pile waiting for me… and uhm i barely finished half of one of them. Counted the number of things i’m supposed to do and there are 10, excluding studying for tests. :/


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