gratitude and love

I managed to make it to and through school alive today although my left arm was aching and i had no mood for anything. I don’t remember using my left arm much actually hmm. Anyway, i just found out i have an ex-classmate in hci tennis! The wonders of Facebook haha. Which means he’s probably one of the people who won our school team la. Such a small world haha.

Season isn’t over for us yet, but it sure does feel like it. The next match is in May, about 1 week plus from now? Sigh, it’s sad to know that some of your team mates have left, is going to leave, or might leave. Especially those so close to you and made trainings so much more. Rvvt A Div Girls’10! ❤ Perhaps it's because it's the first time i've played so hard(i think) in my life, perhaps it's because my volleyball life in rv is going to end soon, perhaps it's because we had so much strength in so little people, i feel that this year was the best year i every played in my life so far. Next year will be better!

Ok er now i got to get back to being a normal student again and catch up!


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