look ahead


I wish that dream will come true. I really do. I wish there’ll be just once when we can scream with joy and triumph. But such a day seems to be so far away, how long more must i wait, how much more should we do? Now we/i just have to hope that something will happen and we’ll get in. Although it’s like not solely due to our own credits la, i suppose it’ll be a confidence booster.

Reminded myself time and again that even if we don’t win, i shall not cry, cos crying never solves anything. In any case, i dun even think we deserve to cry over today, what we do/did not do caused such an ending, which is not worthed crying over. Floor was bloody slippery today and everyone seemed to be lagging somehow. Urghh. I know we are so much more, but we can’t ever seem to show that we are at the right times. Come on, jiayou, we can do this!

We really need to prove ourselves. Let’s go with smiles and come back with smiles, stop showing others what we can’t do. Jiayou!!

The most saddening thing is that you don’t even try.


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