all i need is love

I think i started today with a very unpleasant note. I can’t believe i was so stressed out by pi(which is kinda solved in the end) and how vulnerable i am. But honestly i was very touched that you guys -kathy ong!, hanni, yongen- could tell i was probably going to break down and tear apart soon. I was holding in everything until kathy like, i dunno… i can’t rmb, said/did something then i couldn’t hold it in anymore. I didnt know anyone noticed, i thought yeah i can hold it. I never knew anyone felt the same too. Ok maybe it has been more tough going for me, but i wish i was stronger and tougher to withstand all this. And i’m honestly touched by that those gestures somehow. I never believed that encouragement is so powerful until it came from you all. Ok la, my life sounds a little pathetic and i have a small social circle(which i admit it’s true), but you guys do make my pathetic life less pathetic. πŸ™‚ Speaking of encouragements and friends, i’m starting to feel the strength in our team. πŸ™‚ When everyone tries to do something, do their own part and lift/maintain the spirits. It’s true that strength only comes with unity. Jiayou! Go go go!


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