take a little trip into my mind

I have submitted the bane of my life (PI) again and i hope this time it doesn’t come back. Well, just accept my idea! Oh the torture of coming up with ideas. Blah, never want to go through it again. -cross fingers-

I think i have like serious personal issues. I’m an indecisive person, maybe i’ll make a decision on the spot, then i’ll start to wonder if it’s right after a while. I’m easily swayed by others’ opinions and i’m easily affected by what they do. I can’t stand people who don’t switch off the lights when not in use(ok this is random, but yeah i get irritated). I think i can’t differentiate admiration and fondness, i can’t tell if i’m love. I don’t know what it’s like to miss someone, all i know is to replay the past in my mind. I can’t decide what stance to take – to agree or to argue, cos in the end all i want is to talk to you.

And so, i always end up blabbering some illogical stuff. Nvm.

Maybe i do lack some confidence. Maybe i do belittle myself. Perhaps it’s because i think it’s better to surprise myself with what i can do instead of disappointing myself with what i can’t. I hunch a little, can’t seem to break that habit, yet i jump with a straight body and can’t go far. There are just some changes that take so much to happen, you don’t really know where to start.


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