no guarantee

I can’t make sense of whatever i said last night. I mean, what was going through my mind?! Why did i keep switching sides and messing up my arguments. Uh it’s not about an essay. I (usually) can write in a coherent manner. Sigh, i have to work better on my conversation skills. I think it’s probably maybe perhaps, the person isn’t as easy to talk to (to me la zzz) as like kathy ong or someone else. There’s something seriously wrong with me.

I’m poisoned.

I swear(ha! i’m not a believer in this = no guarantee, but aiya what word can i use) i shall drown myself with work and some good food and music. Seems like quite a good life actually.

Ytd was such an unproductive day cos i wasted 3/4 of the day on PI(which is not even halfway done, bummer.) plus lots of activities on facebook youtube and blogs(ya la, no life la). You know i was actually overcoming the dependence on the computer to fill up my time… then i had to do PI, then lots of distractions came along. The next thing i know, i’m back to the computer before breakfast routine on weekends again. It all because of chu~~ you stupid PI.

Somehow i wish we subscribed to the papers again zzz, although i dunno if i’ll faithfully read them everyday. But it’s like information slapped in your face and you dun have to go online to read limited ones.


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