pudding, pudding, i love pudding!

Today i felt like a sponge, except that i couldn’t absorb as well as one. Suddenly there was this influx(kind of) of knowledge into my brain, which btw is made of tofu-like material. Sigh my tofu isn’t as powerful as other people’s la, i wonder if they are actually struggling but covering it up or smth. It feels a little like a rollercoaster ride. When you’re smacked in the face by a bunch of facts it’s as though you’re going down down down, and it makes you want to scream. Then when you start to understand and maybe appreciate it a little, it’s like being on a straight track again and you feel a bit more secure. Nonetheless, everything is nothing but fast. Gotta get used to the pace i guess. It’s like you can’t space out in lectures or you’ll really just lose track. Ok, at least for me it’s like that.

Had pe… did 4/5 stations only, my SBJ is constantly at 170cm hahahaha, occasionally it goes beyond that and i’m pretty assured of my gold. Hopefully nth crops up at sit and reach la, someone pushed me down when i was reaching down today, and wah my hamstrings were damn taut. Gotta stretchhhhh. 1h30min of chem tutorial, but effectively it was 2h30min of chem including the lecture. Today’s pace was fast, which made me feel what i felt in the first paragraph. Oh actually maths was relatively faster too. Ahh so much to rmb! Anyway, i thought chem was quite effective today hahaha, clarified alot of my doubts and newly uncovered misconceptions on chem bonding, esp the pd-pd id-id hydrogen bonding and some polarity stuff. But there’s still so much to read and rmb! Sigh. Then it was break hehe my class people played ipod touch, fun to play and fun to watch them play. 🙂 Then 1h30min of physics! Which was extended to 2h for 1 more example. Rushed through some class admin stuff and went home! 😀

Slacked ALOT hahahaha quite guilty la. Was super hungry, only ate a waffle at about 10am to last me till 3+pm. Had PE some more leh, surely need more than that. Got home and ate curry + fried rice then my mum’s pudding! 😀 😀 😀 Mango pudding! My mother don’t even add gelatin la hahaha so it’s rather soft and not as smooth as those manufactured ones/those pudding with gelatin hahaha. But still, it’s sweet, not too milky and had bits of mango in it! The best part is… i can spam as much as i want! Finished half a bowl(bigger than the size when you cup your hands tgt) just now, i think i’ll finish the rest l8r, like who will want my saliva right. 😀 😀 Besides, there are 3 more bowls, just nice for the rest of the family. Happy happy, gotta resist the temptation of koping the rest though!

Just realised the class cip can be quite late and on Sundays! Er i meant, quite late on Sundays! D: Noooo i want my Sunday to be like free until i sian and want to rot! Then i’ll contemplate about going to Giant with my father. Maybe, and that’s if i’m in a good mood, which i’m usually not la, next day is a Monday leh. Sigh! There’s one session at Novena on a Sunday and it ends at 8pm. Sian if i make it home at abt 9, i can rest(in other words, slack slack slack) for about an hour plus before i leap into bed. Yes i’m very very particular about the amount of rest i get and my bedtime hahahaha.

I miss my oldest brother. Ya la he can get really lazy and disorganised and not so hygenic sometimes and unkempt all the time, but still he’s really like… brother leh! Although he always gives nonconstructive comments/suggestions when i tell him my problems/complain to him, somehow i always feel better after the conversations. But his comments can be super funny too hahaha. Approx 4 more months till he’s back! The good things when he’s not around are that i can have some peace and quiet at night cos he won’t be there using the com and that i’m forced to be independent in my studies! Yup, i can approach my other brother, but somehow the whole family just sucks in physics la. And my eldest brother don’t suck as much as us haha. Luckily i still have the other brother to help me in chem when i don’t get stuff. And i can still deal with maths so far. GP is…….. grim. Although he got an A, i don’t want to consult him. I never really consulted anyone for languages. Don’t see how language can be improved by talking to another person. Ok, it’s extreme, but it always seem so to me.

Alright, gotta do some work!


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