the last thing i would do is to fall

Surprisingly my parents didnt really really reprimand me for my passes in 2/4 subjects. Soon to be 2/5 la, econs don’t look too optimistic. Damnnnn. Yeah i do feel demoralised and all, but it’s over, i have to look forward and do better next time.

Ok, i take back what i said previously abt liking to read random people’s blogs because when you find out you are part of the subject they are talking/commenting abt, it gets kind of like…. er ok i’m one of them, i feel weird. As though i did something wrong although i know i didnt la, like really, nothing.

Anyway, i still don’t really know what pre-u seminar is abt, but yeah… just try and get some exposure? I’m not even sure if i’m really in there in the first place.

Started the year with the wrong foot and i hope everything will somehow fall into place eventually. I guess it’s easier to study when you’re scared to death. The feeling… is indescribable, probably never felt(and gotten) so low for studies before.

Currently addicted to Glee’s True Colours although i havent watch the show yet. Hearing the sound tracks makes me want to watch the show and i will when i have the time. 🙂

for you


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