17th 17th :)

Where should i start…

I had a dream last night that i was having cca(which i dun have today btw :D), everything went on as usual then after cca my juniors presented me my birthday present, which consisted of something like a bath set/deodorant. Lol, eh sometimes i really stink after cca, but i do change ok! Hahahahahahaha.

Ok, today marks the 17th year of my existence on mother earth. Some people may say it’s a year closer to death. I have nothing much to say since it is true and there’s nothing i can do to stop it and what’s the point of living longer when you may spend it like there’s no meaning to life. Hahaha sounds a bit depressing la, but anyway, Happy 17th birthday to me! 😀 😀 It’s the 17th 17th feb in my life, which explains the title of this post. Been dying to put that title since sometime ago last year. Hahaha yeah, finally got the chance to do so… but i dun feel particularly happy or anything. For lapses of the day i feel like i’m dunked into bliss la hehehe like smiling at every letter.

So very blessed and lucky to have friends like you all! 🙂 Thank you to: songyan congwan dongying katherine yongen hanni kathy jiarong seowrong glennis jiahui wenli jillian huijie huishan yonglim tanwei sharon kahghi yinshan ximeng wanzhen rochee jiayi shirleen genevieve siannee mabelyn jiali! Thank you thank you. 😀 And 5G! for the cake(for jan and feb babies) from the class fund hahaha, got such a big piece somemore.

I almost got a hamster. Seriously shocked. And not prepared. But i really really truly totally appreciate the thought. :’) Somehow after birthdays i always feel a pang of guilt. Sometimes the better treatment i get, the worse i feel. Sometimes i fear what i do will not be enough to maintain the ‘equilibrium’ of friendships. :X Sigh, tired tired. Want to sleep. Happy birthday again. :3


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