so simple yet untouchable

How long can you love someone? How long can i? What are the chances of knocking into someone and dropping your stuff and that person is nice enough to pick them up for you and when you look up the person blows you off your feet? Hahahahahaha, brainwashed by dramas. So simple yet untouchable.

Not in the mood for Cny or Vday sigh. Money come money come! It’s really weird to celebrate things in advance lor. It’s like you’re going to trip over the starting line but the guy who shoots the pistol haven’t shoot it yet.

I rmb this exact feeling. When it’s going to the weekends and i’m planning to slack it away! Then duties as a gp rep pours in and dampens my mood. I hope there isnt anything like that this time!

Random stuff aside, i think i may have been giving myself too much pressure recently, esp for cca? To the extent that i almost couldnt control my emotions. Felt so weak after all that, physically and mentally. I know it’s possible for me to do more, to do better. And i really really want to. When i can’t prove that to be true, i can’t help but to go down along with the rollercoaster of emotions. I guess i made things more difficult for others too. The vicious cycle starts – demoralised, pull everyone down, demoralised, pull everyone down… Sigh. I wonder if anyone trusts my abilities when i don’t. I suppose i shld believe that i am more than what i am.

Anyway, i finally succeeded reaching the proper end-point for methyl orange during titration! By myself! Finally!!!! 🙂

Your smile makes me go woah-oh-oh.


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