sometimes i wish

Training was cancelled today so me and sr went for class outing at jp. Was ok la… left the rest of the class quite abruptly when we met micole and huishan. :/ Turns out they were only next door all the time haha. Went around looking for shoes. There’s a $49 one! Not too bad too, considering we’re only going to use for abt 2 more years. Too bad there’s only one size and it’s pretty big. My shoes are falling apart. D: I think my mum won’t object as much if we were to buy that lor, as compared to the $89 for the Descente. Imagine if i bought the 3rd pair too. o.o Sigh.

Coping with life so far. At least it havent gone out of control yet. I wonder what will happen when we start pw. Urgh it’s kind of dreadful thinking about it.

Sometimes i wish i am fair, tall and have big eyes and slim legs. Apparently i’m like the complete opposite la hahaha! Then again, i’ll much rather be loved for being the latter hehe. 😀

Sometimes i wish for so much more. Too much more.


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