falalalala lalalala

I think it was written somewhere in my horoscope that i’ll be facing some financial difficulties this year. Well, yeah, that’s true, i’ve been feeling constantly cash-strapped. Actually, i am. People who know me better would know that i dun have a fixed allowance. Ya now everyone who reads this would know. Then again, only people i’m closer to know and bother to hop over. Anyway, i still donated to the Haiti Earthquake thing, as much as i could today. Which is still quite little compared to others. I hope it helps. 🙂

Did back titration today. Finally! At the third titration this year i finally got an accurate result! 😀 Happy happy. The rest of the day was fine after that, except for maths. @_@ Reached home, slacked a bit before starting work and managed to complete what’s to be done by tmr. 😀 Or so i think la.

Sigh, this the season to be jolly(cos of cny), yet some things always happen. Happiness was so close, yet so far, so out of reach.


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