i was the only one to fall

Just a quick post before i hop into bed. 10.30pm feels like 11.30pm these days. Getting more and more tired by the minute. Everyday, i wake up to only wish the school day will end earlier and when i get home i wish for my work to be completed asap and for bedtime to come. Boring, mundane, monotonous. Even with cca to perk things up a little, it doesnt help at all cos you’re alr so sian and worn out after lessons/work even if there isnt lessons. I feel like my life is getting smaller and smaller. In the sense that all i really care abt is studies and volleyball and a few misc stuff here and there. Restaurant city is just a routine, part of my life, which i dun really want to forsake after months and months of effort. I spend my ‘free’ time(cos i didnt want to work on tutorials/notes) complaining and complaining, abt the weather, abt school, abt my monotonous life. I swear i shall not come back here unless there’s a positive turn in my life. Also, i shall not think too much abt that matter. It’s impossible for a few words to ‘dissolve my resolve’!


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