what ‘i kind of wish’ means

Surprisingly, this monday wasn’t that horrid. But still kind of horrible, just because it’s a monday. Prejudice, i can’t help it. Physics practical was quite fun cos it’s just using some software and it’s pair work! Then we go around copying others’ data cos we are in different groups.

Attempted physics tutorial again. This is hopeless… ok la, i did the front part, shall go ask around tmr for the rest. T_T I particularly dislike such meticulous stuff. Attempted maths tutorial… stuck halfway. I’m starting to feel a pile-up coming along. :/

I’ve decided not to trust my horoscope, no matter how true it may seem and how enticing it is. That, shall not sway my opinion and ‘dissolve my resolve’. As in, stop me from thinking/doing what i resolve to do. Sometimes, i dun really know what i want. :O

I actually kind of wish to talk to you. -___- Yes, this is my expression now! But this can’t be happening. This is not happening! -strangles something!!- On the brighter side(ha.ha.ha.), i finally know what ‘i kind of wish’ means/feels like. D:


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