today was a fairytale

Today wasn’t really a fairytale, that’s Taylor’s Swift song in the upcoming movie Valentine’s Day! Wonder if i shld watch the movie… i’m only interested in the 2 Taylors hehe. Ok i’m here cos i gave up doing physics tutorial. Don’t worry la, i’ll go back there l8r. The setter’s spirit; never give up! Thou shalt never bow to physics! Anyway, i must set more consistently. Thankfully my lower hand wasn’t that off-form ytd.

Oh yeah, journal isn’t due this week! Joy to the world! Suddenly my mood is soooo much better. I was still considering whether i shld do and i was looking for people who share my sentiments of not doing hehe.

Lalalala. It’s been ages since i smsed happily LOL. It really feels like someone is willing to talk to you, or maybe that person is really talkative la hahahaha! Ok la, people friendly. Come to think of it, i havent smsed Kathy for very long alr. And i havent talked to her on msn for a while le. No one to suan! Hope i can go for 4e class dinner and catch up with the rest!

My weekends are flying by as usual. I’m more able to accept that fact eversince last week’s weekends zoomed past. Just got to learn to savour every moment of sleep, tv and computer. Sometimes i’ll much rather help in cooking/dish washing/laundry than to do hw. But i’ll get flustered if i do those stuff while knowing that i still got uncompleted hw. So… it’s either this or that. I would really prefer the no-brainer work (for now). Everytime i’ll say something too soon that i’ll regret for days/weeks to come. Eg. Saying i’m starting to like physics too soon.

Aquarius, 31 Jan 2010 — The big, fat Leo Full Moon is in your 7th House of Partnerships, encouraging you to demonstrate your feelings for someone else. This is potentially a real turning point in a relationship, but you need to be very conscious of the increased impact your current actions will have today. If you go overboard in your generosity, it may backfire on you when people think you are expecting something in return.

Hmm, i’m mildly surprised and amused hahahahaha. I think i’ll just do nth. :O Why take the risk when you know you’re going to gain but lose eventually? Too risky and i’m tired.


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