all this time

She’s got you high and you don’t even know yet
She’s got you high and you don’t even know yet
It’s the search for the time before it leaves without you
Have you lost your mind or has she taken all of yours too?
Whats this about? I figured love would shine through
We’ve lost romance, this world has turned so see through
Open your mind, believe it’s going to come to
Keep romance alive and hope she’s going to tell you

Today is Friday! Happy happy. Today was quite a weird day hahaha everything went on smoothly(surprisingly)! I got my first ice-cream stick for Econs! 😀 Kah ghi too hahahaha we were like so high after the lesson even though we were quite tired and sian after Pe. Trying to answer qns in Econs is like trying to bid for something in an auction. But really ah, must learn to dare to just speak out loud. :/

Today was also mass-collecting-hw day. It’s irritating when you have to chase after hw la, esp GP hw, which is the hardest/most mafan to do, as compared to maths or practicals. Or rather, if we dun hand in practicals we’re just digging our graves la. Ok i’ve fufilled my job as a GP rep(sort of), it just happened that it’s impossible to collect ALL the work from ALL.

Super tired. Took 173 home cos i was too lazy to walk to the bus stop and up the slope at home. It rained at Bukit Timah, like once the bus entered a certain area, it poured. The bus ride was comfortable, and i accidentally fell asleep for the distance between 2 bus stops. Hahaha come to think of it, it’s super short, but the sleep felt quite long. Anyway, i banged my head into the window and woke up, just as the bus was about the reach my stop. Lucky day. When i got off the bus i was thinking maybe someone somewhere was watching over me hahaha. Possible but… not that possible. Maybe i havent really woken up at that point of time.

Maybe i’m really deprived of love or something. Or maybe i’m just contented with everything now. I dun really have much to complain. I just hope the rest of the year and next year will be smooth sailing and hopefully all this work will eventually pay off.

Training tmr, feeling a little sian, but have to keep practising or i’ll lose touch again. Then i’ll have to train from the basics all over again. 😦 Keep going! 🙂 My life is mundane, yet fufilling at the same time. Sometimes we got to think back and rmb how much we actually loved something. :> (this smiley is quite cute sometimes hehe)

Charm bracelets!! I never owned any, but i always thought they are super super pretty! And this! Omg, it looks good enough to eat(to me), chocolate!!! Fascinating, hmm, yes, very fascinating. I can’t get enough of such cute stuff lor, hahahaha like practically squealing inside alr hahahahahaha! Strangely i think those that are completely silver are not as pretty although they seem to worth more. I need colours in my life!~

I hereby proclaim my love for! Just melt my heart with every picture there.


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