life must go on

I feel like i’m living in my own world these days. :/

I’m glad i survived today. Physics first in the morning and i was dreading it. Actually i was dreading Physics more than Pe, which is the opposite for many people. I guess i just miss and like the way Mrs Lee-Teo teach more haha. Unknowingly(ok la i know) she taught me for 3 out of 4 years and i unexpectedly like her hahaha. I rmb the class used to dread physics so much back in Sec1. How time flies. Now we’re all on different paths and some have already walked out of physics since a long time ago.

17 was such a long way ahead back then. I was just reminded that Jan is ending and i’m honestly happy. Very very soon i’ll be going through another phase. Another year, another second, another memory being further away from the present.

4E class dinner on 12 Feb… i hope i can make it. šŸ˜€


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