i think of you and everything’s ok

‘Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything’s okay
I’m finally now believing

I’m such a diligent blogger/writer. 😀 That’s cos i didnt have to go help out today O_O but i helped out a bit today at home since my mom brought some goods home and i finished the chem stuff that we are required to do. I dun think i’m going to go the extra mile to do the rest la.

It’s so hard to believe that we are only abt halfway through the first month. 4E wasn’t that long ago… but it feels like it is. So far away. When your close friends either dun take the same combi or take the same combi but end up in a class so far away and you dun see your teachers around anymore… everything feels so mo4 sheng1. It’s like i’m not going to be like this for 2 years but probably just for a week, like i’m on course/workshop/smth. But i’m not. :/ Even if you see them in lectures, you can’t talk to them cos they are so far away. It’s like a totally different school life all together. I was never a fan of change. 😦 Sometimes i really fear that everyone moves on and i;m left behind, yet i know if i rush through things, nothing good will happen. -thinks of sec 3, shudder shudder-

Maybe i shld just focus on other stuff first. Everything will come naturally(i hope). Oh yeah, i think i have almost completely no memory of what i learnt after Eoys last year. !@#$%^& As a result, i’m feeling quite stupid and ultra slow in thinking -___- like totally empty up there. I hope i can recover from this amnesia asap!


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