stackable life

I used to think my school-life and holidays-life are very different except for the never changing cca activities and daily activities. There are some things you will only do during the holidays and not touch on at all when school starts and vice versa. The frequency where i have to go help out is usually 0 when it’s school term and unpredictable when it’s the holidays. Aiya i have to do my part in some way ma, since i know my own expenses has been going up up up. Plus i was free at those moments. Now, i realise these 2 lives are ‘stackable’, in the way that the activities carried out during each period can happen in the other. This newly combined life has rendered me powerless. Nah, just kidding, but i just received news that i have to go help out tmr… and i havent finish the newly pressed hw from thursday. Sian, i thought i could slack the whole of today away(again). I’m promised a treat… and i hope it’s true. Recently(during the holidays), i’ve taken up the responsibility to cook(sometimes) dinner when no one is around or when my brother, who can’t cook, is around. And i thought this ‘past time’ will only take place during the holidays since i was free. But eversince school started, i’ve cooked for 2 nights alr. Kind of hate doing that… 😦 I feel tired just to step into the school compound and it takes place 6/7 of the week. I wonder what will happen when the rest of year5 life streams in.

On a random note, i’m starting to like hair bands more and more. 😀 Bigger and wider ones are quite nice actually, since those thinner ones seem too thin to hold my hair. :/ Hehe so retro right, wide/thick/big hair bands and if they are brightly-coloured. Add in some chunky/big and bright earrings are you look like you came from the 80s’. Anyway, sometimes magazines’ retro shots are super cool but you know you look weird walking around the streets like that.


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