maybe i’m dreaming

Went to school at 12pm today cos of school anniversary + learning symposium and was almost late. -___- And it’s not an unearthly hour. It didnt feel like there is any special occasion in school today and i just rmbed it’s the school’s birthday(to be). Perhaps it’s cos there isnt any performance or huge banners hanging outside the school campus, like when we were at the commonwealth campus. I still rmb the 2 big calligraphy banner thing when we were sec 1. That feels so far away now. So far… i only saw a banner in the hall?

It’s friday and i have survived my first week into ‘JC’ life. Actually just one day since the other 4 days are like… used for uncurricular stuff. Oh man, how many more days….? I wish for time to stop right now, not because it’s fun and joy but because it feels like i can’t/dun want to go on life like this. 😦 Mug hard these 2 years and i’m going to really really treat myself after that! Other than being constantly hungry, i’m constantly tired too. :/ It’s like going to/being in/leaving school sucks alot of energy alr.

Sometimes i actually wish that all this coincidences happen for a reason. I like to think that there is something we have in common and that made all the coincidences happen, although i havent really figured out what it can be. Sometimes i feel so repulsed by someone just by being near them… which is mean of me, i know, but i can’t help it. Then i’ll just keep reminding myself that they have done nothing so i shld stop feeling that way. Hey, at least i’ll try to stop feeling that way. Sometimes i worry too much but don’t know what to do and then when i do nothing i’ll wonder if i shld have done something.

My last word(s): endure!


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