love in the strangest way

Hello hello. It’s been quite a while. Super tired today, yesterday and the day before. Just like every year, it’s hard for the biological clock to go back to normal and so i was naturally tired on the first day alr. Second day lasted all the way to 9+ pm, quite self-explanatory. It sucks to have your feet in socks and shoes for about 12 hours. Seriously, i have awfully stinky feet when they sweat alot, can be a new cause of air pollution. Plus there was lots of standing and moving around these 3 days and my feet, ankles, thighs, calves feel super super suan. I wonder why no one else feels the same way. Today was better. We ended much earlier but i had cca until 6 plus. As usual, we will talk and talk and talk and leave much later. Hahahaha but i can never ever get sick of talking with them! 🙂 Cca was tiring enough, the new indoor court makes the tempo of training much faster(but i kind of enjoy it, feels more productive and exciting haha), ran/walked a few rounds round the 600m track and more PT zzzzzzzzzzz.

I dun think i can hate train rides any more! And i absolutely hate the walking, MRT-ing, more walking, bus-ing, walking again process. I must try the direct bus route asap. Direct buses are soooooo much better. So comfy(in the sense that at least you have more space compared to MRTs, to me la), cheaper since you just pay the fare once and it’s a much better way to rest cos it’s much easier to sleep all the way. Suddenly i miss 963 so much, one of the most enjoyable bus rides all year long. I realised i’ve been taking SMRT buses all my life, as in the buses that ferry me the most. :]

Anyway, maybe i shld talk abt this year’s orientation. Hmmm, it was quite expected la, the level of fun hahaha. I’ve been thinking… the same kind of people choose the same kind of combi, end up in the same class and then meet the same kind of people and deal with them in the (almost) same way. This logic is not absolute la, there are definitely outliers. The facilitator was guyue, and i think he has one of the rarest temper in the world, no temper at all. Maybe at most just pekchek for a while then okay alr. Hahahaha quite pro lor, if it’s me i dun think i can even last thru a day. I’ll probably have an outburst and say 我不干了! and throw like a pen or something into someone’s face. The most memorable events are probably the night activity, one minute of fame, DOTS (balloon snatching/bursting)… can’t rmb much anymore. The girls are quite friendly… but sometimes i dunno what to say to them. The guys are… being guys. Oh yeah, to mark the end of the orientation there was a speech (and the video of photos). Somewhat mark the end la, it happened at the end of everything. Hmm, the speech was… controversial haha. Lessons start tmr, what more can i say.

To be honest i dun feel alot abt 4E being scattered all around. :/ But i definitely miss the familarity and the sian/fun times we had. And i’m grateful for how everything abt 4E made me study hard, learn how to appreciate all my friends and helped me learn to adapt in a totally unfamiliar and strange environment(really helped now). The amount of things i learnt and experienced last year is priceless. It’s a love in the strangest way. ❤


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