Hopelessly I feel like there might be something that I’ve missed
Hopelessly I feel like the window closes oh so quick
Hopelessly I’m taking a mental picture of you now
‘Cause hopelessly the hope is we have so much to feel good about

I think this song is damn good in motivating people. We have so much to feel good about. ^_^

Dabbled with the html codes again. Cbox says my tagboard isnt registered with any email. Sian i was hoping to change the colours. Oh well, yellow yellow bright and breezy. I think it helps to keep the atmosphere more cheery in a way. Avril Lavigne! I think she has this aura around her hehe. I wish she will still sing songs like those in her first 2 albums, but still, i think as she grows, the way she thinks and the the kind of songs she sing will change and it’s ineveitable. I wonder what will happen when Taylor Swift starts singing something totally different hahahaha. Actually she’s quite a good rapper haha.

I like to read blogs of people who i dun really know well but somewhat know. As in, you just know they exist. It makes me wonder what my life could have been if i havent made certain choices. Sometimes i share the same sentiments and can’t stop screaming yes yes yes in my mind. It’s not stalking because… it doesn’t seem like it. It’s more like listening to a stranger talk actually. And the fact that i know our lives are totally parallel to each other makes their blogs more interesting haha. Since we won’t ever meet, our lives won’t ever cross each other’s, no harm seems to be possibly done.

Went for training earlier on. My brother was saying it’s finally a humane time, couldnt agree more. So sick of waking up early before daylight breaks and worrying if i’ll be late. I like the new court hehehe. Plus the whole indoor sports hall is like lit up just nice. Clean white walls make everything look more spacious too.

Found my old student pass recently. Haha the one when we took in P1. Actually, i changed alot too. I’m always commenting on how people look different after so many years and now i finally realise that such change isnt just restricted to others. I’ve lost some fat from the cheeks after so many years hahahaha. I rmb not smiling in many many photos i took when i was much younger cos whenever i took photos with my family members they dun smile often and so if i do it will seem very weird. -_- Or retarded. Anyway, i seem so innocent then! Now… i think i look much more studious haha. Definitely not noob lololol.

I feel like cooking while sitting down. Cook, i must. Sian, the brother that can cook has been out for the whole day and out for alot of times these days. Suddenly the title of The Cook(accompanied by an apron and a chef hat and a certificate of recognition… no i’m kidding) is presented to me. Actually my legs are not that tired, i just dun want to move hahaha.


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