it’s a small world afterall

i was thinking that there isnt much to post today. but i just felt like saying, it’s such a small world! really, i didnt know that i actually alr knew the people i know now. as in, we may have met one way or another, somewhere sometime, which i didnt know. what am i saying haha. the point is, people can actually change so much that i totally didnt recognise them in photos and i dun think i will, even when i see them in person. unless like, ya i see them almost everyday. stunned. i must have been living in a cave for the past 16 years. seriously! hahahaha suddenly it’s possible that my life may play out like a drama/movie afterall hehehehe. like how it plays out in Windstruck or Turn Left, Turn Right, where two people have actually alr met each other a long long time ago and they finally reunite! ok in both movies there’s a certain amount of sadness la, which i dun really want to experience. :/ but still….

personally i like Windstruck more but i think both are worth watching. hahahaha the plots are nice la, plus the guys are… um nice hahahaha. btw, the two movies are actually quite different. for starters, i think Windstruck’s ending is much more melodramatic and sadder even though it showed the possibility of a new beginning while Turn Left, Turn Right’s ending is quite happy. in Windstruck, there are times when the male and female leads are happily tgt while in Turn Left, Turn Right, both the leads have to find each other first… and that makes up the whole plot. but the similarity(which i think is super cool) is that both of them had alr met each other a long time ago. to put it in chinese i think it’s kind of like 续缘. hehehe.

rewatched Virgin Snow. hmm wanted to continue watching My Sassy Girl but i dunno why i didnt in the end. hahaha i think the girl is super funny and cute la. it’s just so sad that her boyfriend died. but if he hadn’t then she won’t meet this guy too! some say that this is like the sequel to Windstruck. and so… i feel so mixed abt the boyfriend dying part cos i liked them tgt too. i really shld kick this habit of stopping in the middle of movies. it happened that time when i watched 1 Litre of Tears too. 😐 oh and the habit of reading spoilers although i know it really spoils the impact of the movie. i realised it’s so hard for me to sit down to watch a movie from the start, unless 1) i paid 2) i’m convinced it’s nice 3) i have no other choice. otherwise… i think i’ll only watch when i chance upon the cool/funny/sweet/nice scenes, which usually is abt halfway thru the movie. sigh, ought to kick these habits. :/

anyway, back to the topic. i thought abt how i knew abt the existence of such a movie and the old conversations. sometimes i’m glad that it ended like this even though there really isnt any ending. as in, everything just faded away. i used to have regrets, lots of them. eventually, i felt it’s better for some things to be left as memories instead. oh well oh well oh well.

sometimes, i think love is like magic. (i’m saying this in response to Windstruck and Turn Left, Turn Right) now you see him, now you don’t… but eventually the magician will still make whatever that disappeared reappear again. hahaha sometimes i think it’s nice to feel that your happily-ever-after is out there somewhere. at least it’s not non-existent and you still have the chance of finding it. 🙂

unknowingly i have typed so long. from the facebook discovery to movies to my bad movie habits to more movies. LOL.


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