“Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.”

i finished watching 1 litre of tears (the movie)today. 😦 i think it’s a great show, made me realise a lot of things that i can’t experience right now and i hope i won’t have to. things that you don’t see everyday on the streets, everywhere on the net or on every page of books… life can be so fragile. while we whine and complain abt how we think life is unfair and how the grass always looks greener on the other side, we fail to see that others have it worse and maybe to them, the grass on our side is green enough. while we lament abt how we are being treated, we forget that what our sufferings are incomparable to those who cherish the air they breathe, the heartbeat they hear and the people they talk to. sometimes i think they deserve a life so much more. since we are given the benefit to live, all the more we shld live meaningfully, be it for yourself or for others. the worst thing that can happen is to waste all opportunities presented in front of you and be a parasite of society.


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