from the bottom of my heart

happy day 😀 i dunno where to start and this may sound random, but…

i think the reason i really support her and her songs is because i think they really speak from the heart. (and partly because the good stuff started to happen when i was listening to her songs.)

2) and of course there’s something else hehehe. which i think is the main reason actually. hehehehehe i sound like some lao se lang.

3) my bro got a new phone. congrats, yay now I get to use the computer before my laptop comes back. 🙂

4) Julie & Julia

watched Julie & Julia yesterday. it was really really good. i don’t know why but i feel sad when Julie doesn’t get to meet Julia and that Julia actually hates her. perhaps it’s true as the husband said, that the Julia Child she had in mind was what we pictured her to be. the jolly, happy-go-lucky housewife who never lost her passion to cook, the enthusiast who enjoyed cooking as much as eating.

and of course, scenes of cooking and food mmmm.

5) Drag Me To Hell
i’m slow but… ugh i got freaked out by the show. but not as much as i thought i would cos i was already preparing myself for the scary parts after hearing all the comments from my bro and friends. and again, i felt sad that the girl died in the end. she’s just unlucky.

6) Angels & Demons
very twisted plot and it was quite confusing when it started. very interesting and thought provoking if you are interested in science and religion.

\(^o^)/ for you i cheer.


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