so few, come and don’t go.


i realised there’s quite some ppl leaving rv. damn damn damn. sometimes i think i shld too. but obviously i didnt. everytime i come to a juncture when i have to decide if i shld stay or go, there’s always that one reason that keeps me staying. sigh, and it always happens that at that/this point of time, i seem to be getting along so well. everything goes along so smoothly that i’m afraid i’d lose it all if i change my environment. of course the ppl play a part too. but i know in life, ppl come and go, and although it sounds sad, you know there are still ppl who will always stay, so… it isn’t all that bad. :O and ya, there’s no guarantee that the grass is always greener on the other side(although it really really seems so!). anyway it’s too late to change alr. i shld just hope the last 2 years in rv will go on well. 😀 have faith!

ooh went to jp with my mum today. lol so hard to find parking. er maybe it’s just cos we are unfamiliar with the area. circled the new campus again. looks promising. 😀 heard some stuff from the team too. some places are like… weird, namely the gym haha. and only one indoor court! T_T no sun no sun please~

going to train at rvps and maybe the clementi beach vb court(no no no no…..) too. sigh trainings up to 3 times a week now. really hope it’d be productive. i wanna be a genius setter! haha maybe not, maybe just do my part properly and well first. 😀

talking abt the next 2 years, i suddenly think next year’s going to be horrifying. stared at the GP hw… and i have no idea where to start. :O i bet i’d be a lost sheep next year. baa baa.


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