i shall take back my words for the previous post. the weather was so so so so so good for the past few days until today. the sun and the sand is not a good combination. plus sleeveless singlets… no sleeve to wipe sweat la… T_T i prefer a nice day at home with the com and the fan~ so refined right hahahahahaha. jk la, it’s hard to remind myself abt that anyway.

ahh i know i’d sleep well tonight. aching legs…. started after training in the morning and worsened while waiting at the mrt station and worsened some more on the uneven ground(sand) in the afternoon. my brother said he saw me at clementi… loitering. crazy la, maju camp is quite some dist from the court and i didnt walk past there either. anyway even if he saw me i must be walking to/away from there la.

i want to sleep alr!


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