when we became two

i dunno why some streets can always look so golden. yeah maybe it’s just the different kind of lights, but still, i think even the aura it gives out is so…. golden. so cool man.

looking around(the table), i can tell i’m not ready for the new year at all. i’m sure there’s still many many many things from the previous years. note the S after ‘year’. sigh so going to die when i decide to clean up.

losing motivation to do anything right for the hols alr, since everything alr feels so wrong. :X unknowingly, we’re alr approaching mid november. :O ah i just rmb, we had hol homework.

did some thinking after the O’s…. -pause to structure thoughts-
you know, a new year seems good. a new start for many things. ideally, such a change is wonderful, fabulous! we can start fresh and clean! but ineveitably, some things are going to change right. sigh, in short, i just hope in the period of change, some things can withstand the mighty whirlwind and stay as they are.


i think i’d attempt to help cook dinner tonight. V(^^)V


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