hahaha now someone’s no longer a teen! hope you get out of the army soon. 🙂

this doesnt feel like the hols at all. in fact, i can smell the new year alr. and the ‘O’ level hcl isnt over, xmas is not even approaching anytime soon! wah i must be going crazy somehow.

i had a dream that i was having chinese lessons. and i rmb seeing yijun pnghang and zhenchen. oh man is this a sign? but can’t be la, chinese lessons, year 5, zhenchen?! dun match at all. shld be fine shld be fine. oh yeah, halfway thru the lesson, there was a blackout, except that the fans were still working. LOL i think it must have been my secret longing to have blackouts during chinese lessons without sacrificing my comfort.

i realised it’s been so long since i thought much abt it. i can’t rmb when it started. but it’s kind of weird. :O sometimes i wished you were more decisive, more like me, shared more with me. instead of being so cold. perhaps all of this was just a phase, one that i didnt know would last so long. perhaps i alr stopped feeling so. why was i so scared that i’d stop having this feeling, when i secretly think you no longer do.

i feel so exposed when i talk abt things like this, yet if i dun, i feel so uncomfortable.

ahh i really shld start thinking abt the happy stuff. can someone remind me that the ‘O’ level hcl is on 10/11 and not 11/11!?!?!?!?!


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