i can feel every breath i take in pass by my throat, removing latent heat from its walls and at the same time, drying every bit of moisture from it. nahh not so exaggerated, it’s just drier than ytd la. i just committed the universal taboo against sore throats – eat ice cream. but for a moment my throat felt so cool, so moisturized, so normal.~ yeah, that’s for a moment. i realised the only time it doesnt hurt is when i eat hahahaha. therefore it further proves the point that, you can’t ever hate eating! 😀

been feeling quite bad for not going for 2b outing today. um well, i really didnt feel like going out and i’m really quite broke alr la. so yeah, doesnt really sound like good reasons, but i just went with whatever i felt like doing and so i didnt go anyway. thus received the punishment of drinking alot of salt water(supposedly able to kill germs and aiding in recovery). might start shrinking at this rate since the body cells will decrease in volume and undergo crenation.

i think this was aired when i was p3? the times when i used to really love the tv. watched this today morning, it was on repeat on tv. anyway, this is one of the openings i like. 😀 and also the one from 豆腐街 and 何日军再来(repeat on tv on saturdays 2.30 – 4.30 i think). ahh those were the times when the tv shows were good. then i can’t really rmb when, taiwan shows started to come in, hongkong dramas became more common, newly found talents on the talent shows were not really acting :X not too sure either, that felt so long ago. then suddenly i stopped watching tv. or rather just did not watch it that much. 😦 i think from then i started to become very english? hahah as in, indulged more in english stuff. i wonder if that actually played a role in my declining chinese results. :O


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