就如没消息就是好消息, 没感觉也是个好感觉。

i was wondering why i was feeling so weird. turns out i forgot to go check if there’s gossip girl! it really feels like a friday today. i want to sleep until the end of tmr…

inline skating was ok. much easier to learn than cycling hahaha. it’s all abt wheels this year! and i’m glad i did it!

almost got back chinese p1 results. then chen lao shi suddenly disappeared. so we didnt manage to get them back. i thought this was funny, some guys went out to see if chen lao shi’s car was still around, then came back after a while to say they dunno which is his car hahaha. played uno while waiting. pretty sick of the last round. couldnt get my turn or put alot of cards when it’s finally my turn cos of the reverse/skips/draw cards here and there zzzzzzzzzzzz. totally broke my winning streak. i realised i get alot of lousy cards when i sit near the guys hahaha. must be some curse la. but still, i guess it was ok. sometimes i think uno can draw ppl tgt more. 😀 oh ya tongyao was super funny during the game.

really feel like cutting my hair. the dry ends and disturbing fringe… i think if the fringe continues to grow, some weird shape/curve will form. 😦

anyway, school is going to end soon. definitely doesnt feel like it. 😦


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