light up the sky

i’m still fearing my grades for chinese. but i gotta pull myself tgt and convince myself that it’s not the end!!!!!~ i’m feeling a bit more comfortable speaking chinese and having a few thoughts in chinese, it kind of helped me rmb some of the good phrases/sentences i read before and forgot. hmm i hope this is not smth i forced myself to think actually happened. :X unknowingly, i have been sort of preparing myself for ji4 xu4 wen2… which is, not completely good or bad. ahh but still, i believe bao zhang bao dao is more impt. been reading the news… which feels quite old. as in, ris low, students studying in public areas, influx of foreigners… havent these been talked abt before? um to me it’s good that they talked abt it again cos i didnt really read the news in the past, but still, the news dun feel new. well, in short, i really really hope to do well for ‘o’ level hcl!!! not just for personal gains, also to live up to being chinese, being from a chinese-speaking family, having brothers with not-bad-chinese till now. just realised there is alot at stake. -prays-

anyway, i forgot to include this ytd, but i guess it’s ok to write it today.

physics was cool today. the video was so-so la. mrs lee played the guitar!!!!!!! cool cool cool 🙂 maths was quite interesting although it took me a while to understand. must have totally switched off my brain after exams. pdp was… unusual.

想写东西的时候发现差点用错成语。:X 下次一定要注意!


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