since neopets’ reappearance in my life and the disappearance of my neopets account T_T and the appearance of a totally new neopets account, my life has been revolving around neopets. no blogger and no facebook and no msn conversations and no smses anymore. thus the late replies in everything and my existence on any online activity is equivalent to non-existence. wow at that! exams did not even have such an effect. in fact, during exams, it was quite the opposite.

still, it’s hard to concentrate on playing without the guilt from procrastinating in making presents(ahh i’d talk abt that l8r) and in not making any contact with anything in chinese(other than the tv, which you know is useless for exams). sighhhh i have a thing for zuowens. make me panic, fumble, speechless. T_T i seem to have no memory or knowledge on how to do bao zhang bao daos alr. oh btw, that sentence spells doomsday. ever since failing that bao zhang bao dao for the first and only(till now) time, my ego has been badly bruised. T_T and of course, making me fear zuowens more.

on the brighter side, there’s going to be a mock exam. i will do bao zhang bao dao for that! to prepare me, at least let me know i’ll not rattle on for 2 pages plus on the wrong track. then, if all goes well, i’d polish up my language skills. 😀 so please make everything go well.

ahh presents. every time i try to diy presents out, there’s always a high chance of failing. i tried twice today! i’m glad for some shops existing. ok shall go wrap them up l8r~


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