let it all out

Miho Fukuhara – Let It All Out
Let it all out, let it all out
There’s no need to pretend everything’s alright
Stone carvings show the flowers
Swaying gently in a nonexistent breeze
Can you see?

Nobody has the power
To look inside and see their true selves
Even if we will both lose and gain
While we are traveling on this long, long road

And even though there may be times when
Loneliness will strike and make us cry

Take all your pain
All your tears
To make them in to stars
Turn on the light
To shine upon tomorrows waiting path

We’ll all hold our hands together
and we’ll try to gather up some stardust
So eternity will be shining forever on

Although I may always be unable to avoid farewells
The seasons will continue to change time and time again
Even if I were to lose myself
I will keep keep going onward to walk by your side
That’s the one thing that I hope will never change

um, i can’t be sure the lyrics are correctly translated. sigh, one of the times when i regret not taking up jap in sec 1… i had the chance!!!!! nevertheless, i guess the idea is there. 🙂 dont you think alot of jap songs’ lyrics(um those i know) are like always very imagery. always gives me the dreamy feeling. i think it’d be cool if more english songs can inject such a feeling through the lyrics.

after the exams i think my english standard has suddenly dropped. having problems expressing myself. bear with it for the time being! anyway, EXAMS ARE (unofficially) OVER! left with cid.

actually i shld start researching alr la. managed to catch up with some shows and some manga chapters. ok, one show and one manga’s chapters. i was expecting more productivity from me! but aiya, spent abt 4 hours out for dinner ytd, how much can i do with one short short afternoon. you see, want to spend the afternoon to relax is alr such a difficulty, can you imagine the afternoons during the exam period? you dun have to imagine to know actually, it sucked la. it was massive re-reading, re-studying, re-memorizing and re-getting fed up. 4 simple Rs to get you through the exam week! i bet many more ppl use the 4 Rs than the 3 Rs in saving the environment. come to think of it, i was saving the environment during exams too!!! i used the computer less, watched less tv, slept earlier(meaning i switched the lights off early), used rough paper to help in revision and i will be throwing the used rough paper into the recycling bin soon! wow, make that 7 Rs during the exam week 😀 heee. hopefully, the 7 Rs will not be wasted!!!!!!

um, thought of some weird random things these days.
1. i wonder how the women in Lost got by. i mean, dont the thing come every month? and i dun think they will pack like one year’s worth of pads on a flight right. aiya maybe it’s disgusting to think abt that, but… seriously.

2. how did the primative people get by without proper dental care? like, i dont think they had toothbrushes or dentists… so was it enough to gurgle after every meal(if they do) to have healthy teeth/ teeth that at least dont decay.

3. why am i thinking of so many hygiene related stuff?

4. what happens to the expired food in supermarkets? ok this is related to cid lor, waste management.

i hope i can express myself properly next post, cant stop stumbling over words now. 😦 i wonder how long this blogskin can last me. i could never stand bright colours and dark backgrounds for long, thus the always-white-background-and-black-words skins. :O


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