i can’t integrate! :(

1. must finish coordinate geometry today, continue (and finish, must try la) chem. fyi, for maths i did like only the circled qns for alot of topics. which i have to admit is meagre, insufficient, and doesnt make me feel anymore confident in any way esp since it’s not like i know how to do every single one of them.

EOYS are coming…. like a ghost, it haunts me. for once, it really makes me feel at a loss. loss/lost, any word will just mean something negative. once i can do a maths qn, the next time i attempt it again, i can’t, or barely can.

it feels as though there’s a flood in my head, a mess. i can’t clear it up. i know there are impt stuff in there, but i can’t seem to be able to filter them out. just stuck there, and i;m worried that they wont “come out” during the exams.

i want to do really really well so that i can really enjoy the post-exams-benefits. wanting is one thing, doing is another. also, doing can be split into doing it right and wrong.

CAN’T STOP PANICKING. i shld seriously consider isolating myself. seeing others work so hard(and able to rmb so many things!!!!!!!!) is like a horror movie. 😦


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