bring me back to my favourite memory

The world is beautiful because it’s not perfect.

i finally finished watching fma. and i watched the movie before i finished the 1st series. -.- nevertheless, i think it’s one of the best shows i’ve watched. i truly admire the characters. 🙂

the good thing abt waking up early is that you feel that you can afford to spend some times to spoil yourself. although i think that’s what holidays are meant for in the first place! but now…. i feel like slacking the rest of the day away alr.

for once i really feel like running away. all these talk abt how impt the eoys are (for us), and how other ppl are panicking/or managing to not panic cos they mug is… honestly scaring me. and the term 3 results arent very helpful either. the stack of revision papers make me go weak.

i fear i have the fear-exams syndrome. and then the more i fear that it’s true and that it’d act up. T_T esp after a teacher asked me if it’s always like that during exams(after viewing my midyears results for that subject). well, it just happened once… but it’s scary enough.

who never feared failing. actually we never feared that. we feared what’s going to happen cos if that. blah blah i’d drag into the “society’s influence on young people” talk again if i carry on. ‘

so sick of studying. i want to run away.

i just finished one geog exercise and i feel like i saved the world. been blog hopping, then realised i didnt have alot to hop to. listening to lifehouse now, but i dun really know what he’s rambling abt.

他们说这是最后的冲刺,但如果你真的不想跑, 连用滚得都不愿意, 你就在起点输了吗?


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