perfection will not come

Do you want me to hide the feelings
And look the other way

i thought there was no training for us during the hols. turns out there is. i think it slotted nicely into my schedule. except that it’s in the afternoon! i used to like afternoon trainings. urgh but now cos it’s the fei1 chang2 shi2 qi1 aka study-holidays(spot the oxymoron). suddenly it seems like there’s no way i’d be able to finish the revision papers. the light at the end of the tunnel is blocked. 😦

actually the past 2 days hasnt been very productive either. i finished the easier pieces of hw. and havent start on the revision papers yet. hate hate hate revision papers BEFORE revising.

heeeeee 😀 I CAN’T BELIEVE MY LUCK. -jumps around in joy- m1 waviered the charges for the new sim card(the person said next time will charge le la, but there won’t be a next time for you to charge me~)! woooooohooooooooooooooooo saved the 18 dollars worthed of guilt. although yeah i still feel ultra stupid for being able to spoil the sim card. :X nonetheless, waivered charges leh! I LOVE M1. ❤ oh yeah my mum seems to be in a super good mood these days. can't believe i didnt get scolded at all(before i was told the card is free). she was still commenting on how lucky she is to not use LG phones. :O

things i did today:
1) wake up at 11am heheh
2) worry
3) worry some more
4) did a bit of hw – maths, geog, chem (it’s never ending i tell you! plus i didnt exactly finish them)
5) went out to get the new card, wait for my bro to run his errands
6) go m1 shop
7) free sim card!~~~~
8) expelled all the guilt and worry
9) re-add some numbers from the inbox
10) thinking of the best way to retrieve the rest of the numbers

what a fruitful day. ok so i lost alot of numbers. hope some kind souls will start smsing me their names and numbers. to people(yongen songyan kathy gen) who read my blog, dun worry i got all your numbers. 😀 i just realised i have a pathetic readership haha. nvm i like.


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