lost in confusion

after pe today, only one leg has been aching from the running(2.4km). i seriously slowed down, by abt one round’s timing. but anyway, i’m in the fit group ~yeah yeah~ games. had a short day, i suppose. waking up at 5.30 was draining, pe was even more draining. so today… was draining. oh yeah, got back report card too, drained even more energy.

i realised, mondays dun make me particularly upset. in fact, i guess no day would ever make me feel that way(usually), unless i have to wake up dang early and/or go to school. so even if it’s a wednesday, it’s equally capable of making me feel so tired/disgusted/sad.

this term was quite crazy. almost everyone got 3.9 or 3.8. i got 3.6…… but strangely i feel fine. i know what i’ve done for the past term. -shrugs-. sigh, next term will be even crazier.

sometimes i think the more i try to glue up the bits and pieces of my life with optimism, all the more the lines of weaknesses show. right now i just want to roll on (clean and dry) grass and just forget the world.

can’t embed, so shall just post up the link. the fray – NEVER SAY NEVER! đŸ™‚ and the xylophone sounds really really soothing!


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