equivalent exchange

this is the plot for the book for the girl who leapt through time. hmm based on this alone, the film seems to be way more exciting. anyway, probably shall go find the book some times during the (eoy) hols? 😀

Kazuko Yoshiyama a third-year junior high school student is cleaning the school science lab with her classmates Kazuo Fukamachi and Gorō Asakura, when she smells a lavender-like scent and faints. After three days, strange events transpire around Kazuko, including the burning of Gorō’s house after an earthquake. The next morning, at the exact moment of a car accident, Kazuko is transported 24 hours into the past.

She relives the day and relates her strange experience to Kazuo and Gorō. They don’t believe her at first, but they are convinced when she accurately predicts the earthquake and ensuing fire. Fukushima, their science teacher, explains Kazuko’s new ability is called “teleportation” and “time-leap”, and to solve the riddle of her power she must leap back four days.

Finally, Kazuko’s determination enables her to make the leap. Back in the science room she meets a mysterious man who has assumed her friend Kazuo’s identity. He is really “Ken Sogoru”, a time-traveler from AD 2660. His intersection with the girl’s life is the accidental effect of a ‘time-leaping’ drug. Ken remains for a month and Kazuko falls in love with him. When he leaves, he erases all memories of himself from everyone he’s met, including Kazuko. As the book ends Kazuko has the faint memory of somebody promising to meet her again every time she smells lavender.

btw, been watching fullmetal alchemist. hahaha finished like 10 episodes today… that’s like 5 hours. i’m really slow at watching stuff -_-” i trying hard alr ok! so now i finished episode 33. so that’s 18 more till the end of the first season. fyi i never got to finish the story. :O and i think i may go watch fringe(recommended by huishan) after i finish this. seems interesting.

oh yeah there was this episode which made me feel really weird. like really, maybe it was touching. :X it’s super long if i were to account it. but it really showed how deep a mother’s love can be, how we jump into conclusions, how much we dunno, how a matter can be viewed so very differently. more often than not, what we see isnt the truth.

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange. In those days we really believed that to be the world’s one and only truth.

hahaha random, but i felt that it made alot of sense, although it may not seem applicable to everything.

anyway, it’s teachers’ day today, so happy teachers’ day! the celebrations were ok…. my ears were numb after all the screaming(from on-stage). the ‘nobody’ performance was good though. 🙂

went home with hanni(wow wow wow hehe) yongen and kathy. talked abt stuff with kathy, couldnt agree more. over the 2 years, i felt that i really changed. perhaps for the good? i know i made so many mistakes i cringe when i think abt them, but at least i’m more accepting of them alr. it just struck me that maybe i shld view the world as a whole in a different light. the idea struck me even more after watching anime for 5 hours straight(oh btw, i totally understand why anime can impact ppl so much, it’s indescribable). actually, sometimes anime feels like a representation of what we want, action, dreams, romance, comedy…. sometimes it’s also what we get, loss, deaths, guilt, hatred, anger…. it encompasses so many things. most importantly, it lets us view things as an outsider. probably more objective?

suddenly life feels so short. :O and i have the urge to say how i feel. :O just, dun want this 1/4 of my life time to be…. just so. i know i’m watching/have watched too much drama, although i’m still under so many restrictions(urghhhhh)…… the efficiency of my life ought to increase. by that i dun mean the quantity of stuff generated out of the 16 years(basic knowledge, common sense, studies), i meant more like the quality of life. sometimes i wonder if that’s the spiritual health thing. like, how you are happy with your life. it just feels like there’s so many things wating for me to do.

my mum used to tell me shi2 jian1 lao3 ren2 bu4 deng3 ren2 de, aka time waits for no one(wooohoooo the girl who leapt through time) but it seems so hard to really make good use of our time. like today, i did nth but come up with this “thoughtful” post and watch 5hrs of anime.

(^o^) felt like there’s a need to put one smiley, since the post seems so… dark.


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