alphonse elric

can’t stop being such a slacker. :O this term’s really been screwed. well, it looks ok, but when you see that everyone else could do so well and you lag so far behind, it’s still screwed in a sense right. but this is definitely not what 我所望尘莫及的! hehe. i’m determined to work hard, DON’T STOP ME!~ BUT PLEASE DO WHEN YOU KNOW I’M GOING TO DO SOMETHING THAT WILL STOP/DELAY ME FROM REACHING THE GOAL. yup yup got to start the engine!

sprained/twisted/injured my thumb ytd. i dunno which it is, but it hurts when i move my thumb back and forth. :O hurts more today(aka the next day). how long ago was that when it happened… sec 1 or 2? sigh, if i’m taller, when i tip the ball , i won’t be blocked that easily. sian so many things to work on. actually it all boils down to one la, setting. at least my service is much much better but now it needs more power!

oh monday’s a half day~ and tuesday is a school holiday~ but actually it becomes a study day in a way. but still, being out of school gives me a different aura all tgt alr. 8)


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