dear ex 2b tablemate(i think i sat the longest with you), stay pretty, smart, tall and happy always!

i really shouldnt be blogging at a time like this. at least i think i should not. but still, I HAVE TO TALK(to anyone, someone, the air).

35 more days to eoys. part of me wants to get it over and done with then relax~ probably till it’s ‘o’ levels higher chinese or something. but then, the process(!!!!!!!!!) of even getting through these 35 days without the guilt of not studying/not studying enough or the anxiety of doomsday/judgement day ruining all the efforts i put in for the past year, is so tiring and toiling. think inertia. plus, eoys, as the name suggests, hints the end of the year. and honestly i kind of sort of maybe probably perhaps, will miss all my 4e friends. can’t thank them enough for just being there. you all lit up my 4e experience! 😀 although everything felt super duper ultra horrible last year and i feel guilty everytime i think abt it cos as a chairperson i failed to make everything better, it’s… the past i guess. everyone has bad memories. sigh, it was…….. really really a bad memory. :X

today was pretty fun. took pictures with teachers! 🙂 i hereby declare that we do have nice teachers. mr chen: “this is my zhao1 pai2 sign, no one can do it better than me! -does 2 victory signs-“. when we took the candid one with mrs lee, we did the left/and right hand rule! super cool. 😀 then she talked abt photoshopping the photos and laughed non-stop at the bad photoshopping of dora lee’s photo on the montage for the 3I overseas cip. it’s super funny to see her laugh like that hehe. took with ms j and chen lao shi too. hahahahahaha. oh and our class photos were nice too! ohh the chinese test marks cheered me up alot. didnt bother to compare with others cos it’d dampen my mood haha.

Thursday, Aug 27th, 2009 — Although it may seem as if your partner or friend is being forthright, you can’t really trust your senses today. Relationships can be complicated by unexpressed feelings if others believe that you won’t approve of their desires. If you want someone you love to share everything openly, you will need to demonstrate your ability to be open-minded and non-judgmental.

maybe maybe. hehehe okok study.


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