good news, i found a new place to “plant” my charger. hehe now my bro wont keep nagging that i’m occupying his extension power points.

SL. lol i dunno if i’d get in. oh well, getting a form is a start. sometimes i feel like i’m doing things only for the benefits they bring. actually everything brings benefits, really just depends on how we view it. i mean, i dunno if i’m the kind who can get the spiritual satisfaction. still, i’m going to need a sprinkle of faith, a shake of hope and a dash of luck.
the underlying reason why i suddenly want to join is cos i needed “variety”(for uni next time). feels a little unethical. 😦 but still, who knows, i may get more out of this than i imagined. 🙂

went to wash car with my mother. remind me not to do it again. i feel super tired now! it’s like forcing yourself to use strength on top of the aches. the result? same amount of aches but almost no useful work done. i was kind of scammed to go help in the first place la, i thought i just had to bring the stuff down. who knew it would turn into such a long chore(3 hours plus). haiya it was super dirty la. but i feel kind of bad cos i went down then like wipe a bit then lazy to continue. the laziness was partly contributed due to the aches ok. shoulder refers to the muscles next to your neck right. so it’s my shoulder joints…. 😦

hmm partly also cos i was panicking. i woke up early (0930) today, expected myself to do something constructive so that i wont feel that stressed by the revision papers/assignments/the copying or referencing of work in the mornings. but now since it’s 1704, i dun feel like doing anything le. :O

sian. next time i’d buy a small car so that i dun have to wash so much. or i’d earn plenty of money to send it for washing instead. hehehehehe $$$. or maybe i’d get a private jet instead. i’d get 1 chauffeur/pilot, some cleaners and 1 butler/secretary/usher(lol just someone to do the misc planning or appointment-ing things hehe).

till then, i got to work really hard. :O hahaha i think that emoticon looks quite cute too.


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