the L word

i think today was the worst national day celebration ever. but in a way it was fun too haha. mr zong and ms j were not here. 😦 thought we will stone like hell. but then ms loo came. hahaha it was actually quite fun leh. took photos 🙂 and did some national day quiz thing which was quite fun. no pt!~ thanks kathy! now i know singapore has 63 islands too. 🙂

i’ve been thinking. actually i know alot of people for very extremely ultra long. abt half my life alr. yet i dun really know them. as in, i can never ever understand them.

sometimes i think the only person that cares for her(socially) is him, but she doesnt seem to treasure or appreciate that. sometimes i think he is blind too. but he’s probably just living up to ‘love is blind’ or ‘love knows no boundaries’. haha humans are just weird la. we know what we shld do but we dun. like saying how we feel, living with no regrets. it’s so easy to say all this. maybe for some ppl they really can do it. kind of envy them, cos i know i wont be able to. when we are judging a situation we seem to really know our stuff but when it comes to our turn, will we really do that? perhaps we think we will try, but we can never be sure.

everyone tries to pursuit the happy and perfect life. we know what’s wrong(sometimes). we want to change it. but change, isnt that easy to initiate or accept. sometimes we are angry at others for not being able to change because we conveniently forget that it’s so hard to remind ourselves of our wrongdoings and to make it right. maybe at times being wrong became a habit, a way of life.

have you ever thought of what you will do if you are living your last day? or rather, have you ever thought of actually doing those things before the last day comes and the last breath takes you away?

i think she sings super well live! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

omg i just rmbed i saw 12:34 today on my hp(and i showed yongen!), and then a few seconds l8r it was 12:35! and then after i saw 12:34 become 12:35 i still went like “aiyo so fast jiu over liao”. which means, I MAY HAVE REALLY CHANCED UPON 12:34:56 07/08/09! 🙂 i shld have made a wish!


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