set setting setted setter

always have, always will. 🙂

cca today was fine. cloudy day = good weather!

hmm i thought everything seems so fake. like it’s rehearsed, unnatural and predictable. well, the 45 min talk was drowning me, until zhang lao shi came and the cca leaders voting thing started lol, good luck. sometimes i think some people appear with a light behind them or glow around them. hahahahaha cos i really think that in comparison they are so much better than other people. i say this with utmost respect. sometimes you see the other people and they just spell h-e-l-l, or something unearthly. and now i’m thankful that not many people read my blog haha.

anyway, friday!~ \(^o^)/

all this aside, come to think of it, i didnt think i could wait so long for anything before. well, maybe not wait. but not doing anything abt it either.

the ‘bot’s on facebook is super funny! and inaccurate lor. i will rather become a nun than to let them happen! other than the bridesmaids, friends forever etc kind. the crush and marriage one, i can’t stop laughing!!!!!!! it’s either i kill myself or get killed if it comes true. or even publish it on the wall lol. eh the results will change one leh! i was checking again cos i forgot who was on the list. got one was incest lor, then now it’s not there anymore, what makes you think it can be true. but anyway, i shiver when i think abt it happening. brrrrr.

i keep coming back here to talk. heheheh.

anyway, after much thinking while playing bejeweled blitz… it dawned upon me that waiting is such a painful thing. and so………. maybe the past shld be left as the past. stop brooding over it. yup yup.


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