outdo yourself

this is so tiring, it’s only tuesday?!

sigh didnt go cca, um peer pressure? in a way, and of course certain selfish reasons too. lol but i dun feel like studying physics. tell me there isnt alot to study… actually i understand the stuff, but kind of worried that i dunno how to put the explainations into words or miss out certain words. sighhhhhhh i dun want to take bio alr(next year). but phy seems to be kind of burdening too. -crushes-

today alot of ppl i know are talking abt stepping down, voting, no more cca etc etc. haha how time flies. kind of envy them though, the no cca part. i wouldnt mind cca… if it’s indoors and i can slide with ease(physically and mentally haha). i kind of miss the feeling of knowing you outdid yourself, which is probably a million years ago or smth. 😦 but anyway, fri shall be a good day for cca, no more tests! at least on saturday la~

i think i’m going to fall asleep soon…

i keep thinking today is wednesday. oh ya it’s racial harmony day~ mr zong looks cute in the malay costume(as he calls it) lol. aladdin’s monkey was hahahahaha funny. come to think of it, more than half a year has passed. how time flies! i can still rmb the first day of school, everyone was complaining abt the new uniform and the broken air-con.

wonders what is happening during cca now.

oh yeah met esther and junhao on the bus. didnt really get suan-ed hahaha. anyway the conversations was really funny. talked abt stepping down, ponning cca(dunno who also hor), corruption, leaders, onion rings… actually our school kind of has a hierarchy too. or social pyramid? ah and plenty of ironic things in school. it’s endless.

ok go mug phy.


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