android love

-yawns- heheh it’s a continuation of the day from the previous post. 🙂

i forgot to mention that i finished absolute bf(sorry la now then read hehehe). although i think the flow of the story was a little weird cos all the best parts and twists came in the last 4 or 5 chapters of the total 33 chapters. nevertheless, who can resist the kind of shuai-and-very-very-sweet people in these story lines! lol i used to think it was nuts to think people in mangas are shuai cos they are drawings after all… but i guess it’s also a kind depiction that stimulates your imagination alot. anyway, soushi soushi! 🙂 aiya i didnt watch the show(but i know the story line is different), so dun come and tell me he’s not shuai in the show.


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