horrible. terrible.

i dun get adults. baka baka baka.
everything you need to know in life, you learnt it in kindergarten.

adults are blind.
they fail to see their own flaws and mistakes.

adults are heartless too.
cos they dunno how it feels like to be hurt.

adults knows nothing abt repulsion.
since you hate each other and can’t stand each other, why not just stay away from each other. like magnets! mrs lee-teo jiao4 dao3 you3 fang1. and social distancing! adults invented that but somehow some adults dun get it or use it when necessary.

adults are liars.
they teach us things that they never ever do themselves. what is called jian4 si3 bu4 jiu4, ge2 an4 guan1 huo3. i never did that. yet… hao3 xin1 mei2 hao3 bao4.

adults = those at home = almost everyone but me.
if i ever become like that, slap me. but you wont have that chance. cos i’d never be.

for once, i can’t wait to go back to school.

the worst thing to do in life is to be a burden. and no, i’m not saying commiting suicide is a solution either. commiting suicide = need ppl to clear up your body, find your identity, find your family -cringe- + cause more trouble, sadness and anguish to those who really cared. if something’s a burden to you, or you feel that you are to someone, talk abt it! you are not borned with a mouth for nothing. if someone had alr made your past dunno how many years miserable, why shld you make it anymore worse. all the more you shld make it better since the past can’t be changed.

dun worry, i wont be foolish.


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